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It doesn’t matter what element of your facility you require to be maintained, JFM Electrical can bring the appropriate skills to bear on your behalf. We can, in discussion with you, design a maintenance contract to cover all your needs.
Please see as follows some items of maintenance we already have in place with numerous Client/Companies.

  1. Inspection & Testing of all fixed wiring, with certification and reports on completion.
  2. Testing and certificates of Emergency & Escape lighting.
  3. Testing and certificates of Fire Alarm & monitoring if required.
  4. Testing and certificates of Intruder Alarm & monitoring if required.
  5. Maintenance of Internal & External lighting.  Cleaning & re-lamping.
  6. R.C.D. Testing.
  7. Re-lamping – cleaning of diffusers.
  8. Service and maintenance of Air Conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
  9. Fire extinguisher check, report and service.
  10. Standby/back up generator service and maintenance.
  11. Wet well service.
  12. Dechlorination of water tanks and monthly temperature checks at final outlets.
  13. Service and maintenance of extract/ventilation systems.
  14. Service elevators, goods and passenger.
  15. Boiler service with reports and certification.
  16. Plumbing and heating maintenance.
  17. Industrial gas heater maintenance.
  18. Industrial door servicing roller doors/sectional doors etc.
  19. Drain, gutters and interceptor cleaning and maintenance.
  20. Proximity reader systems/access control maintenance, we are approved by Honeywell, Paxton Net 2 & Videx.
  21. Car park barriers & dock leveller maintenance loading equipment.
  22. Air Handling Units.

 The list is endless whatever your needs, JFM can bring the necessary skills to bear to make sure your building operates as effectively and efficiently as possible. Let us met with you, and discuss all the options. Put all your maintenance requirements under on contractor, one all trades contractor, and you’ll never need a “Yellow Pages” again. One phone call to JFM, and you can consider the problem fixed.


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